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The deadline to update your Giving Day profile is August 1, 2014.


De Minimis Benefits: A donor can take a full deduction if the fair market value of the benefits received in connection with a gift does not exceed 2% of the donation or $101 (2013 inflation-adjusted amount), whichever is less.

1.    The fair market value of the benefits received does not exceed the lesser of 2% of the payment(donation) or $101, or

2.    The payment (donation) is at least $50.50, the only items provided bear the organization’s name or logo (e.g., calendars, mugs or posters), and the cost of these items is within the limit for “low-cost articles,” which is $10.10.

Do not offer to enter your donors into a drawing or raffle if they donate to your nonprofit on Giving Day. “Drawings’ are considered a “games of chance” by the IRS and regardless of whether they win or not, their ‘donation’ would then not be tax deductible.


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Download In Design Files for:

  • Business cards
  • 4X6 postcard
  • 5X8 postcard
  • 8X10 poster
  • 11X17 poster
  • 4×9 rack card



  • Email Signatures – Add this language to the bottom of your email signatures SAVE THE DATE – 2014 NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY is SEPTEMBER 18! Give $25 or more to <insert name> via on September 18th between 6am and midnight and your donations will be multiplied from a pool of $2 MM of bonus funds and prizes!


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